Three Ideas for Organizing Your Time While Increasing Productivity

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Three Ideas for Organizing Your Time While Increasing Productivity

Between juggling families and jobs, a large portion of us have mastered the skill of multi-tasking. Or so we like to think. We’ve all been careless while being on the phone, typing on the keyboard, and our eyes fleeting around looking for something we recently had in our grasp. Even with our sincere attempts to complete everything ASAP, only to be left feeling ineffective and fruitless at the day’s end. The more we appear to juggle, the more we appear to fall behind.

As a full-time working mother with a long commute, I could quickly end up in the black-hole of piles of paperwork, an out of control inbox and calls to return. Being a Compliance Manager at blueStone Staffing requires organization, and I have to use my time smartly and precisely to distinguish a positive outcome for my clients and candidates.

Below you will find a few ideas on how to organize your time that have worked for me and can help you end each work day on a positive note:

Organize. Arrange your tasks and responsibilities from most critical to less vital. Plan time in your day to take a shot at these, and keep that time strictly for those projects. No telephone calls, no messages, no gatherings.

Stop Multi-Tasking. I know; not what you were expecting. It’s not consistently a constructive practice to have various projects going at one time. Lisa Quast of says, “It took me along time to learn to focus on one activity or project at a time and then when that one is complete, move on the next (instead of trying to multi-task). I found that if I use laser-like focus in everything I do, I can dramatically increase my overall productivity.” While it’s presumably impractical to get rid of multi-tasking a portion of the more commonplace, ordinary commitments, for huge ventures, remain centered. Handle each one in turn.

Strategize. Each Sunday, I take an hour or so to sort out the week ahead. It’s worth the little bit of time to devote when the result is a smoother, efficient, more beneficial work week.

blueStone Staffing gives access to some wonderful resources I can use to rapidly recognize the best, most skilled candidates for our clients. By utilizing those assets with my own endeavors at using my time in an efficient manner, I have found that my days are not only successful and accomplished, they’re delightful. Arranging each work day with these procedures will permit anyone to hit their objectives and make progress in their professions.

What helps you adequately deal with your time? Share your encounters and gainful guidance.

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